Total Space

Volume #50, december 2016

This insert is based on two research workshops organized by the Jaap Bakema Study Centre in 2015. Total Space investigates the international dimensions of Structuralism, cross-disciplinary exchange, and aims to connect recent history with speculations on the future of our lifestyles. With contributions by Tom Avermaete, M. Christine Boyer, Benjamin H. Bratton, Femke Herregraven, Ellen Smit, Laurent Stalder, Richard Vijgen, Victor M. Sanz, and Dirk van den Heuvel.


'Structuralism: An Installation in Four Acts'

Volume #42, december 2014

In the publication  "Structuralism: An Installation in Four Acts' , history and the contemporary relevance of the Dutch structuralism was central. With contributions by Guus Beumer, Piet Blom, Dirk van den Heuvel, John Habraken, Joop Hardy, Herman Hertzberger and Lada Hršak / Office LADA.


'Open: A Bakema Celebration'

Volume #41, oktober 2014

As part of the Dutch contribution to the 14th edition of the Biennale in Venice was a special publication created. With contributions by Guus Beumer, Dirk van den Heuvel, Failed Architecture, Luca Molinari and Johannes Schwartz.

'Open Structures: An Introductory Dossier on Dutch Structuralism'

Volume #35, april 2013

The publication was the result of a collaboration between The Berlage, TU Delft, Het Nieuwe Instituut and Volume. It includes interviews, statements and draft proposals, both historical and contemporary. The file contains the results of a Master Class held at The Berlage and contributions by Dirk van den Heuvel, Tom Avermaete, Herman Hertzberger, Arjen Oosterman, and Brendan Cormier.