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The Jaap Bakema Study Centre is pleased to announce Esra Akcan as keynote speaker for the Jaap Bakema Study Centre conference 2019 Architecture and Democracy 1965-1989: Urban Renewal, Populism and the Welfare State.

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“Who were these men, who
built these kinds of streets? These houses,
these walls that come out of each other,
these roofs fallen over the top of another,
these sleepy windows under the roofs
that face the pumps on street edges?
Who were they, with their diggers and shovels,
with their rulers, who built all these?
If they knew these were for us
surely they would have done differently: opening the window
the sky would have filled inside forthwith…

Facades of flats facing the Naunynstrasse
have turned their asses to you,
like deaf transportation workers
indifferent to the loads they carry.”

Aras Ören, Berlin Üçlemesi (Istanbul: Remzi Kitabevi, 1980), 82-83 and 214 (translated by Esra Akcan, 2018).

19:30 – 21:00
also this evening

18:00-19:30 Thursday Bite

19:00-21:00 Night Shift: Can I speak with the manager, please?

19:00-22:00 Thursday Night Workshop:Derek Otte invites Khalid Amakran & Saïd Kinos

The museum is free of charge from 17:00-21:00


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